VLA delivers first-rate legal and strategic advice fundamental to our client's most important decisions, providing confidence and extra edge in the most difficult and complex situations.

Our approach is law in action. We combine legal, political and social dimensions in achieving our client's success. 

As an exclusive and focused solo practice, we add just the right strength to client's existing resource, offering cost-efficient and tailored fee structures unmatched in the market.


VLA is not a traditional law firm. 

We work with sophisticated clients who understand that success requires more than just traditional legal advice. 

Law in action

VLA strategically combines legal, political, negotiation and public communications dimensions in solving the most difficult and complex situations. Our legal approach fuses private and public law techniques while relying on strengths of both theory and practice, for instance:

  • We advise companies and institutions on how to prevent and solve legal disputes with State agencies or competitors, whether in or out of court. 
  • We review and design agreements and commercial contracts so our clients can maximize their business potential. 
  • We negotiate terms that strengthen the relationships between our clients and their counterparts, whether in Thailand or abroad.


VLA focuses on a small group of selected clients. As an exclusive solo practice, we add just the right strength to client's existing resource, replacing redundancy with full focus and round-the-clock attention.

We are particularly experienced in the following sectors:

  • telecommunications
  • petrochemicals
  • energy
  • international investment
We are also willing to discuss and recommend appropriate legal counsel who are experts in other fields not handled by VLA.


VLA is a solo practice providing clients with direct access, carving out the traditional law firm work structures and allowing us to offer cost-efficient and tailored fee structures unlike other firms. We are pleased to work with our clients to ensure that their goals are not hindered by legal costs.

For further queries please reach us at verapat@post.harvard.edu