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VLA” or “Verapat Pariyawong Legal Advisor”, as well as  “Verapat Pariyawong” in contexts relating to professional legal service, are the business names for legal practice carried on by Verapat Pariyawong Legal Advisor ltd which is a juristic entity whose rights and liabilities are separate and distinct from any natural persons. However, information regarding experience or expertise may indicate the relevant experience or expertise of VLA lawyers who may have previously acted or engaged in legal services independently from VLA. VLA may include its affiliated firms and other entities carrying on business under or including the name VLA or under joint venture or collaboration arrangements in association with Verapat Pariyawong Legal Advisor ltd (together “VLA”). Accordingly references in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website to “VLA” mean Verapat Pariyawong Legal Advisor ltd and the other partnerships and affiliated firms or entities authorized to carry the name “VLA” or one or more of those affiliated firms or entities as the context requires.
VLA is a limited liability company registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce in Thailand with registered number 0105556023238. It is a legal practice operated by an attorney authorized and regulated by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. The term partner in relation to VLA is used to refer to a member of VLA or an employee or consultant of VLA or any of its affiliated firms or entities with equivalent standing and qualifications.

This site is maintained for VLA and includes material designed to promote its professional services.
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