In addition to handling legal assignments, VLA's Verapat Pariyawong has also been featured by international and Thai media.

Some recent highlights:

  • late 2013 - early 2014: Verapat Pariyawong's legal and political insights on Thailand unrest have been reported by Aljazeera, AFP, the Associated Press, BBC World Service, China Central Television (CCTV), the International New York Times, Xinhua and other leading international press.

  • March 2014 : VLA is advising one of Thailand's leading real-state developer with international port folio on business expansion strategy and management of political risks.

  • December 2013 : VLA is advising a leading public utility company on contractual and regulatory disputes with amount of claimed damages amounting to over 80 billion baht

  • October 2013 : VLA is advising a Thai state agency on a study on nation-wide public service infrastructure reform concerning emergency response and dispatch services.

  • September 2013 : VLA is advising a leading telecommunications company on regulatory issues that may impact over 50 million mobile phone consumers in Thailand. 

    • March 2013 : Verapat Pariyawong discussed Thailand's 2.2 Trillion Baht Loan Bill with Vice Chairman of Senate Banking Committee. Read more

    • January 2013 : Verapat Pariyawong shared ideas on constitution revision with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and senior leaders of the government party. Read more

    • November 2012 : The Central Administrative Court, in conducting the proceedings brought by the Ombudsmen to invalidate Thailand's first 3G spectrum auction, received documents from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications which included the widely cited article by Verapat Pariyawong that explained the legality of the auction. Read the article here

    • November 2012 : Channel News Asia of Singapore interviewed Verapat Pariyawong on the political rally against the Thai government. 

    • October 2012 : VLA is advising a major Thai-Japanese petrochemical joint venture on legal risk management involving construction of an industrial plant in Map Ta Phut. 

    • July 2012The Associated Press (AP) quoted a comment by Verapat Pariyawong in its report on constitutional amendment. Read more

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